SSCTF 2016

Участвуем в них впервые. Не пугайтесь китайского - все переведено на английский :)

SSCTF 2016 in Xi’an China and the second XCTF League , is organized by the Cloversec Lab of Xi'an Clover Information Technology Co.,Ltd. Our event format includes online contest and onsite contest. The online contest is in jeopardy format. The onsite contest will take the attack-defence format.

In October of 2014, Cloversec Company held its own information security contest, SSCTF 2014. With more than 500 teams participating. One year later, the company successfully hosted the Huashan Cup Network Security Contest of 2015 with more than 800 teams and 2000 competitors participating. Based on our practical experience in dealing with various abstruse security problems and the experience we learned in holding the contests, we are confident to present competitors with a fantastic contest which can stimulate all their potentials. In 2016, we will hold the second SSCTF Contest, which serves as the XCTF League, to improve the international influence of SSCTF.

Top 14 (Top 10 local Teams and Top 4 International Teams from the Silk Road Countries/Regions, including Central Asian, Middle East, East Europe and Western Europe) of the SSCTF 2016 Quals automatically qualify for the SSCTF 2016 Finals, will be hosted in Xi'an, China(The start city of the Silk Road) on April 2nd to 3rd, 2016.

Время проведения: 27 февраля в 3:00 - 29 февраля в 3:00
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